Hem Spel Intervju med Marcus Gardner – skaparen bakom Get Packed

Intervju med Marcus Gardner – skaparen bakom Get Packed

av Henric Brandt

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Vår recension av Get Packed: Fully Loaded.

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Marcus Gardner

1: How did you get the idea to create a game like Get Packed?

At the time, we were searching for a type of game that we could all build together as a small team that takes our varied skillset into consideration. With couch co-op styled games becoming increasingly popular, we thought it would be the perfect scope for us. We played a bunch of co-op games together as a team, gaining lots of inspiration from Overcooked and Gang Beasts. We wanted to combine the slapstick physics-based comedy of the more competitive Gang Beasts with the race against the clock teamwork-based experience offered by Overcooked. Having only recently moved down to Cornwall at the time, with some of the team in the process of moving houses, it was a very relatable activity that was fresh on everybody’s mind; this led to the early concept of Get Packed!

Get Packed: Fully Loaded. Foto: Moonshine Studios

2. What were some of the biggest challenges?

I’d say the biggest challenge was creating a balance between chaotic physics carnage and playability. We wanted to throw in as much physics as hardware systems could handle but making sure hardware could run the game smoothly without downgrading the performance was a tough challenge. We loved the unpredictability of physics in games, but still wanted to offer a relatively good amount of control, so that it felt fun but not frustrating. There were a lot of physics mechanics we wanted to add into the game, but had to dial them down, or pull them out completely due to stability and latency issues. All these problems are exacerbated even more so when you throw online networking into the mix!

3. The humor is a big part of the game, was that intentional from the start?

Of course! Our game’s mechanics were designed with observational and physics-based slapstick comedy at its core. We wanted to supplement this with a wacky backstory to set the scene for interesting physics scenarios. Our writing style and artistic direction was influenced by the works of Wes Anderson and stop motion animation.

4. What aspect of the game are you most proud of?

Honestly, I’m proud of everything our team has accomplished. It is our first game together, so seeing it finally available on several platforms has been an amazing experience! Perhaps the parts I’m most proud of would have to be how great the fictional town of Ditchlington turned out. From the suburban neighbourhoods to secret facilities. Every part of the town has been fleshed out in our 3D levels and 2D cutscenes, making it feel quirky and lived in.

5. Do you have some hints to give us gamers?

Don’t forget to use the Flatpack! It can not only be used to get larger items through doorways, but also add that extra bit of protection to more expensive and brittle items.

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